Wild Swimming Brothers ‘Swim the Eden’


A fundraising effort is being made by three swimming enthusiast brothers from Cumbria who plan to become the first people to swim the 90 mile River Eden.

The sponsored swim – ‘Swim the Eden’ – will take place on the 15th August to raise money for The Swimming Trust to encourage more people to get involved in the brothers’ favourite sport.

The Swimming Trust is dedicated to getting people swimming by making the sport accessible to everyone, regardless of ability, income or upbringing. The Swimming Trust believes swimming is not just a vital life skill, but a way to a happier, healthier life and as such, strives to provide opportunities for individuals and communities to get involved at every level.   Continue reading

Swim Dem Swim Challenge squad gear up for Great Manchester Swim

image002-4Tomorrow (4 July) the Swim Dem Swim Challenge squad, made up of a group of young adult novice swimmers from East London, took part in the Great Manchester Swim on Saturday 4th July

The one mile open water swim is the culmination of months of dedicated training from a group who, prior to the challenge, were either inexperienced and unconfident in the water, or had never learned to swim at all.

To help inspire young people to get involved in swimming, former Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere teamed up with The Swimming Trust, Speedo and Swim Dem Crew to create the Swim Dem Swim Challenge. The project is being sponsored by Clive Barford Ltd, one of The Swimming Trust’s most loyal supporters. Continue reading

Rubina trains to help Kirklees scheme

Rubina Ismail from Kirklees is part way through a Swimming Trust and Kirklees Active Leisure funded five-week coaching course that will enable her to offer increased support to a culturally inclusive swimming project at Batley Baths recreation centre.

rubina_portrait (1)The Batley Baths Swimming Project, which was recently nominated for the Sport England Community Sports Project award, aims to encourage more women from the Asian community to take part in swimming in a safe and culturally accepting environment. The swimming sessions at Batley Baths have been specially set up to make sure the ladies feel comfortable and their cultural needs are met – sessions are led by a female member of staff, the centre is closed to men 15 minutes before and after the sessions, and the pool is closed off from public visibility.

The project has been growing since it began a year ago and has enabled women who previously felt excluded from community swimming due to cultural and language barriers to become confident swimmers.

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