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Support our campaign to get more qualified swimming teachers working in school, clubs and community groups


Our vision is for more people to swim more often and with confidence in safe and secure surroundings.


Our mission is to increase opportunities so that more people learn to swim for sport, for health, for fun for a lifetime.


Our organisation believes in creating equal opportunities and taking positive action to overturn inequalities.

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Trust funds water polo tutor courses

The Swimming Trust has agreed to fund the training of four tutors to help develop the grass roots of water polo.

The courses will be delivered by the Institute of Swimming with candidates being recruited from across the Swim England Regions.

The Swimming Trust recognised that the shortage of fully trained tutors was a pinch point in the development of coaches at all levels. This meant that clubs were often not able to provide the players with the best opportunities and that the development of new talent was being missed.

This new programme will provide new opportunities at all levels of the game.

Recruitment to the programme will be announced by the Institute of Swimming

As featured in Swimming Times

James Male, the head of fundraising at The Swimming Trust, explains how the Swimming Times is helping to break down barriers to swimming participation.

He explains “It’s a well-known fact that there is a shortage of swimming teachers across the country. Because of this, around 400,000 people could be missing out on swimming lessons nationwide but the Swimming Trust is playing its part in helping to find solutions to the problem.”

Read the whole feature.

New report shows health benefits of swimming

A new independent study that shows the health and wellbeing benefits of swimming has been launched by Swim England.

The report shows the unique benefits of water make it the ideal place for people of all ages to exercise. It is particularly beneficial for those with long term health conditions.

The report also found evidence that swimmers live longer. Swimming regularly also helps older people to stay fit, physically and mentally.

On the other end of the scale, the report also found that children who take part in swimming lessons regularly develop physical, cognitive and social skills quicker than those who do not.