About us

The Swimming Trust is an independent charity established in 1996 and dedicated to getting more people swimming more often in safe and supportive environments.

We know that swimming, whether for leisure or for sport, provides the ideal environment to develop skills that will benefit individuals throughout their lives. It provides a foundation of a healthy lifestyle, good teamwork, focus and a spirit of fair play. Swimming has no age barrier; it can be enjoyed by all members of the family irrespective of ability or disability.

There are groups and individuals who are likely to miss these opportunities without intervention from the Swimming Trust. The Trust aims to identify barriers to participation, whether they are physical, cultural or financial, so that more people can enjoy the wide ranging benefits of swimming.

The Trust is dedicated to delivering opportunities to enjoy the sport and to create a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities. We are committed to delivering our service with integrity. Our Trustees, staff and partners recognise the importance of ensuring that our business activities are delivered on a solid governance platform.

The Swimming Trust believes in the principles of sports equality by working to recognise inequalities and taking positive action to overcome them.  Our ethos and code of practice is transferred to all our collaborative organisations and working partnerships.

Trustees meet regularly to review finances, policies and the development of programmes and activities. They also take a full role in the consideration of applications and proposals, which are evaluated on their merits, and must fall within the Trusts objectives.