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Support our campaign to get more qualified swimming teachers working in school, clubs and community groups


Our vision is for more people to swim more often and with confidence in safe and secure surroundings.


Our mission is to increase opportunities so that more people learn to swim for sport, for health, for fun for a lifetime.


Our organisation believes in creating equal opportunities and taking positive action to overturn inequalities.

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New project to increase diversity in swimming


The Swimming Trust, in partnership with the ASA has launched an exciting new project to create a more diverse workforce in swimming and increase the number of people taking to the pool.

The aim of the Adult Social Swimming Project is to encourage more people from diverse backgrounds to take up swimming teaching as a career. By doing so, it is hoped that more people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds will also start swimming.

Funded by the Swimming Trust and delivered in partnership with the ASA, the project will allow people the chance to qualify as a Level 1 and then a Level 2 swimming teacher at a reduced price.

This comes as the most recent Sport England Active People Survey shows that 11,000 more adults are swimming each week and over 100,000 more people are swimming monthly, compared to last year.

ASA Health and Wellbeing Manager, Jamie Hooper, said: “It’s great that more people are swimming but we need to ensure these numbers represent the entire population.

“The Adult Social Swimming Project supports people from all backgrounds to become qualified swimming teachers. By creating a more diverse workforce within swimming we hope to break down some of the barriers that are stopping some adults from getting involved in this fun activity.

“We are working with Sporting Equals and Street Games to encourage people from communities where swimming teaching wouldn’t normally seem a viable career path to get involved. Not only will they be able to take part in new training, they will also have the opportunity to help and inspire others in their community.”

The project is already running in Tameside, Bury and Birmingham, and from early 2017 will be expanding to Haringey and Bedfordshire. Each one will provide an opportunity for up to 20 people to embark on this new career path.

Support the Great Britain Water Polo Teams


Our representative team currently receives no governmental funding, and therefore to represent Team GB, all athletes pay for their own travel, subsistence and often kit.

Each year we enter a ladies and men’s team into the European Qualifiers, which costs approximately £20,000 per team, and we desperately need your help to support our athletes!

The next competitions will take place in May 2017 (men), August 2017 (women), May 2017 (men) and August 2017 (women).

Support the teams by donating through our Virgin Giving page.


Cumbria ASA bursary scheme launched


Cumbria ASA have been able to launch a new bursary scheme with support from the Swimming Trust and The Eden Swim Project.

The scheme, which will help swimming teachers and coaches in Cumbria to gain ASA Level 2 qualifications. These qualifications will help ensure that more people are able to learn to swim in safe and secure surrounding and also help to prevent deaths by drowning.

The bursary scheme is supported by £3,000 donated to the Swimming Trust by supporters of a gruelling 9 day, 90 mile swim down the River Eden in Cumbria by brothers Jack, Calum and Robbie Hudson in August 2015. The Swimming Trust donated a further £1,000 to the project which is also supported by £1,000 donated by Cumbria ASA.

For more information about the scheme contact Cumbria ASA through their website http://www.swimcumbria.org.uk