Swimming Teacher Development Programme

There is a desperate need for properly trained swimming teachers who can work in schools, clubs and community groups.

Without more qualified swimming teachers thousands of children in schools up and down the country are not being taught how to swim; endangering lives now and limiting the experiences they might have in later life.

Our Swimming Teacher Development Programme aims to change that

The Programme focuses on three objectives:

Getting more people swimming
Providing training opportunities to help employment
Improving health and wellbeing in communities through swimming

These objectives have been at the centre of the Programme’s success with 15 schemes delivered in communities across England up to December 2017. Together these schemes resulted in 217 candidates completing Level 1 and 164 completed Level 2. This means that more people can now learn to swim in safe and secure surroundings and all those candidates have new skills that can be used to find work.

Who the Programme is aimed at

The Swimming Teacher Development Programme targets young people from hard-to-reach, vulnerable, BAME and disadvantaged groups to find a career in swimming by providing them with access to nationally recognised qualifications (Swim England Level 1 Swimming Assistant and Swim England Level 2 Swimming Teacher).

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How the Programme works

Each Swimming Teacher Development scheme is unique and delivered to meet the needs of local communities. We do this by developing close partnerships with local authorities, pool & leisure operators and other local organisations as well as Swim England and Institute of Swimming.

We also develop local funding partnership with the charitable and business sectors.

Candidates also normally make a contribution to the scheme, this helps ensure that they are committed to the training. They also have commit to completing community voluntary work using their new skills. When this is complete they are fully qualified swimming teachers able to take classes of non swimmers or all ages.

Through these strong relationships we build innovative and focussed schemes that have community at their heart. Our fully trained swimming teachers are then able to work with schools, swimming clubs and other community groups.

Providing this training has an impact on the lives of the people we are able to train. The skills they develop are in demand and for many these provide an opportunity to find work and help their families.

Help people near you learn to swim

For more information about launching a Swimming Teacher Development Programme near you please contact Brian DeVal