Policies & reports

Our policies

All our policies focus on supporting individuals and community groups. We achieve this by working with a range of partners to ensure that all our programmes have our core values at the centre. These are:

  • Advance to the benefit of the public, the education of young persons who are pupils at schools, colleges and universities, by ensuring that their due attention is given to the physical education, as well as the development and occupation of their minds.
  • To advance education in organisation, leadership and coaching of aquatic sports.
  • In the interests of social welfare: organise and provide aquatic sporting facilities for persons for who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity, disablement, poverty, social and economic circumstances, are limited in their access to sporting recreation.
  • The promotion of learning to swim as a life skill.

Our funding guidelines are available here


The Swimming Trust is registered with the Charity Commission, registration no: 1058338.

Financial reports

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We report regularly to the Charity Commission, you can see our reports on the Charity Commission website